Looking for a unique adventure? Wonderspaces in San Diego offers some dazzling entertainment to your eyes and imagination. The pop up arts celebration offers “sixteen unique experiences, ranging from room-sized installations


This 4th of July couldn’t have been any better! The weather was perfect and it felt so good to be at the beach. And I finally have a decent tan


Apologies. This is one in-cohesive group of photos…But I haven’t written a blog in a little while and decided to try and piece together some recent items for a post.

Fancy Pants

Sorry, I’ve been slacking on the posts lately! Honestly, I’ve been waiting to make a detailed post about that botanical jumpsuit from my instagram before I made any other posts.

7 Dollar Hollar

I love a good deal. And where else to find good deals, but a thrift store? I decided to venture out on a little treasure hunt at GoodWill yesterday. I