It’s Been a While…


I’m back! And if you haven’t figured out already, I’m preggo. Like, a lot preggo. 34 weeks to be exact. I know, I’m sorry. Ideally, I would’ve liked to stay up to date with this blog throughout my entire pregnancy, but life just sort of happened. First trimester fatigue was definitely a factor along with the start of a new full time job with a 1.5 hr commute :-/ I usually don’t get home until around 8pm and by then, I’m just so tired from the day, that the blog ultimately fell by the way side. I definitely believe in listening to your body and for me, that meant taking it easy and not worrying about keeping up with posts. I just couldn’t bring myself to stare at a computer any more than the 8 hrs a day I already was for work.

But now, I’m three weeks out from going on maternity leave and I’m finding I have a new burst of energy. Maybe it’s that “nesting” energy everyone talks about. Whatever it is, I hope it lasts. Que laughing from all the current moms out there. I know, I know – I’m going to be tired once the baby gets here. But I also think a blog is the perfect activity/distraction to help me stay sane through maternity leave.

With that being said, I realized I need to make some adjustments in my content. When I started this thing, I geared it towards fashion and style only. I still love those things, but, honestly, it was difficult to stay on top of outfit photoshoots – not to mention expensive to stay on the latest trends. I think it will be easier and conform more to my pace of living to write more casual lifestyle content from here on out. I know it sounds vague and broad, but bear with me.

Cheers to a new chapter in life!


Outfit Deets

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