J O R D Wood Watch

Throughout my entire high school and college career, I worked on and off at watch store. It was my second job ever after Legoland (lol) and I have really fond memories there. Looking back, I attribute that job to part of the reason I got so interested in style. Since then I’ve acquired a little collection of watches and each one, as cheesy as it sounds, has a little place in my heart because when I look at them, I remember a specific time in my life. Ha, get it? I even gifted a couple watches to my husband when we were first dating. Anyway, time went by and I eventually stopped working there and subsequently stopped collecting watches, until JORD reached out to me!

I had never owned a wood watch until Jord, and I’m obsessed! Everything from the unboxing experience to the watch details are stunning. (I ordered the Frankie Zebrawood style). The best part, in my opinion, is that my watch works for both casual and dressed up looks. Jord put mindful detail into the design yet it is minimalistic and sleek in all the right places. And even though it is lightweight, it still has that luxurious, expensive feel. I receive so many compliments every time I wear it out…Unfortunately, I’m still late to everything (lol).

Check it out for yourself! Not to mention, a new watch is a great gift idea for the holidays 😉 I’ve provided links below. Happy Shopping!


Frankie Zebrawood

Women’s Shop

Men’s Shop

25% OFF!!! Click Here

(Valid until Dec 15th)

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