Too early for Christmas? + Faith Talk


This velvet bodysuit is so simple, but the crushed forest green velvet makes it so glamorous. Could be seriously dressed up with a high waisted maxi or pencil skirt and heels. But I felt like keeping it casual since the most exciting part of my day was getting poke by the mall and this photoshoot was on a whim. I happened to have the red blazer in my car because I was planning on exchanging it for a different colorway (again, the only way I can afford a style blog is by doing a ton of returns/exchanges, lol). So, here you have it. While everyone is doing Halloween posts, I’m here assembling Christmas themed outfits by accident, *cough,* on purpose. I’m just that good at planning ahead (not). In all realness, I don’t even have a costume lined up yet. Bad blogger, bad!

Any who, that’s as much as I’m going to explain about this outfit, because I actually wanted to talk about something else. Bear with me, I hope this doesn’t sound holier than thou. It’s a small experience I had that got me thinking.

I’ve been making an effort lately to seek Him first in all situations and I’ve been getting affirmation in the most random little ways. Like, the other day, my husband came home and asked me for the Costco receipts. (We split the cost of groceries with our roommates and Travis is the one that divvies it up). Apparently, there were 3 missing receipts (I had been 3 times over the past couple months). I could tell he had a long day at work and was frustrated I didn’t know where they were right away. Now, I have to preface this with the fact that I’m not the most organized person. Travis is normally very accepting of my messy nature, but I could tell I was getting to the last straw. I’m the type that would rather pile my shit into the closet and squeeze the door shut than actually fold it and put it away. Get the picture?

So I start scrambling to find them. I tell Travis I know I have them, they’re just…somewhere. In reality, I have no effing clue. I start with my purse. Nothing. I check my pants pockets and found one! Two more to go. I can’t find them anywhere so I go to my car and start thrashing things around. I start feeling really guilty and hopeless, but I don’t want to face him and tell him I lost them. That’s when I thought of that quote, “Pray more, worry less.” I stopped what I was doing, and just prayed, “God, please just make these receipts show up somewhere.” Low and behold, Travis walks out at that very moment and says he found them! Praise jessssuussss.


We tend to think that God doesn’t care about our most trivial of problems, but I think the opposite is true. I mean, He’s God. Something as small as missing receipts must be the easiest of prayers for him to answer. So why not ask for help on all the trivial things? Like praying for your printer to work, lol. You never know, He just might answer.

Just some food for thought. Does anyone else have any stories like this? I would love to hear them!


O U T F I T  D E E T S:

Velvet bodysuit: Forever21 (only plus sizes left in stock online). Here some similar options

Red Blazer: H&M

Shorts: Forever21 

Necklace: H&M